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As a result of force majeure or other uncontrollable

As a result of force majeure or other uncontrollable reasons causing sales system collapse or can't normal use, leading to online transactions cannot finish or lose the relevant information, records, etc., website will not assume responsibility. But we will try our reasonable may help deal with the aftermath, and try to reduce the customer may suffer from economic losses.

You can charge transport of relevant formalities required by the buyer, but our liability is limited to delivery on time, meet the logistics (post) accident query, assist the buyer does not undertake any logistics (post) to provide compensation to the customer, all the queries the claim shall be handled in accordance with the provisions of the logistics (post). In logistics (post) the entire query term less than before, the buyer shall not claim compensation. Remind the buyer must verify the good receiving detailed address and the consignee telephone, in order to avoid delay delivery. Shopping in this store are considered to be as agreed to the declaration.

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